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Goals of Karuna Circle

Members of the Karuna Circle are a part of a supportive community. They recognise the sad, life threatening event of death. But also the strength of the human spirit and the potentially transforming journey to the edge of our shared human experience. The goal of the Karuna Circle is to share Karuna’s vision of compassionate, hospice care in our community. By joining Karuna Circle you will be supporting Karuna and helping to raise awareness of this vital service.

Karuna Circle members know how Karuna can touch a person’s life for some in a way similar to how their own life was touched. They are individuals who like to make a difference as small or as large as they have time for.

Benefits of Karuna Circle

Benefits are many and offer a means to feel connected with Karuna and to feel involved with Karuna’s work. You will have opportunities to meet others who share a common interest in or experience of Karuna’s care. We’ll inform you about Karuna’s activities and you can be involved if you so choose, simply by joining you will be sharing in Karuna’s vision so more families can gain Karuna’s support.

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