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NB:Descriptions of sites are submitted by their webmasters. I take no responsibility for their spelling and grammar(!) or the accuracy of their information.

Description:This website is dedicated to the passengers and crew of the RMS Titanic. It is mainly a picture page.

Are you ready to go back to TITANIC? ~ LdySmiLeS Site
Description:This Sites dedicated to James Cameron's Titanic. It contains galleries of images, webrings, links, etc. much much more!

TITANIC Now and Then
Description:Everything you need to know about the James Cameron's epic "TITANIC".

Tanya's Titanic Page
Description:This web page has many things. It has about 15 pictures (I am trying to get more), It also has a summary of the movie which took me about an hour to write.

Snorts's Titanic Page
Description:Ever since i was a kid , i have been fasinated with the Titanic . When the movie came out i became obessed with it. I have spent a lot of time working on my site. It is filled with pics, news , and links. I also have a titanic sound page too!

Cherie's Titanic Page
Description:My site is a tribute to Leo,Kate and lovers old and young of TITANIC !!

Brianna's Shrine to Kate and Leo
Description: Pics, Chatroom and more about Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

Titanic the Marvel
Description: Some interesting information about Titanic and references. (if Nick wants his own descrption to be put in here, please email me with one!)

Titanic Destinies
Description: Titanic Destinies contains lots of info, pics, news, and more about James Cameron's TITANIC :)

Miss Dawson's Titanic Tribute
Description: My page is a tribute to the best movie ever, Titanic. I have info on my favorite characters, Rose and Mr. Andrews. There is a news page that is updated constantly, and lots of pics and sounds.

Chibi-apple's Titanic Webpage
Description: My page includes Titanic and the 1996 version of Romeo and Juliet. It includes pictures, links, lyrics, soundtracks, pages dedicated to the characters in the two movies, and many more.

My Titanic Page..(not Kate's)
Description: My site has Pics, Wavs, Mids, News, etc, please come in!!!

Sanna and Robert's Page
Description:no description

Arron's Titanic Page
Description: My Site Has Almost Everything You Would Want On The RMS Titanic! My Site Is Dedicated To The RMS Titanic Not The Movie!