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Thompson Park Receptions

Wedding Reception Menu

Valid to July 1st 2002

Prices Available for All menus on request

Standard Menu includes: Dinner - Dessert – Coffee - Tea

Standard Dinner Menu:

All served with vegetables in season or salad plus sauces.
Choice of 2 alternate meals available.

·Lamb Noisettes - (Rolled seasoned lamb fillet with bacon surround.)
·Cumberland Lamb Cutlets - (3 cutlets served with red currant and mustard sauce)
·Chicken Wellington - (large fillet with herb butter in puff pastry)
·Viennese Chicken -(Rolled herb filled fillet topped with almonds and mozzarella cheese)
·Chicken Lyonaise - (Large fillet rolled in herb butter with avocado in filo pastry)
·Chicken Mignon - (Whole fillet rolled and served with bacon surround)
·Pork with Mushroom Dill Sauce - (Pork Fillet with whole mushrooms and dill sauce)
·Pork Wellington - (Pork Loin and herb butter with puff pastry surround)
·Cutlet of Pork - (Rack of 3 chops served with apple sauce)
·Veal Cacciatore - (Rolled Veal with hazelnut and herb filling topped with tomato and onion salsa)
·Beef Rolls with a Savoury Filling - (Rolled Beef with herb filling topped with beef gravy)
·Beef Almond Parcele’ – (Sirloin beef steak smothered in almond meal surrounded by puff pastry.)

Standard Dessert Menu: Parfaits

·Chocolate Ripple Parfait
·Ginger Ripple Parfait
·Creamy Custard and Sherried Butter Cake topped with Peaches and cream
·Strawberry Parfait in Season
·Fruit Salad Parfait

All garnished with nuts, kiwi fruit or passionfruit

Alternative Meal Ideas or Extras

Cold Savouries

Choice of 5

·Turkey on Rye
·Guacamole and Corn Chips
·Assorted Canapes
·Sesame Bread stick with Smoked Ham and Pickles
·Pate' De Chef on Melba Toast
·Asparagus Rolls
·Platter Biscuits Cheese, Kabana etc.
·Ginger Chicken Dip with Crackers
·Waldorf Dip with Crackers

For an extra cost

Hot and Cold Savouries

Choice of 3 Hot and 5 Cold

·Deep Fried Fish bites
·Hot Sausage Rolls and Scrolls
·Cheese and Bacon Nests
·Mini Savoury Beef Puffs
·Cheesy Mini - Chicken and Beef Burgers

Deluxe Dessert: small cost on standard dessert menu price

·Chocolate Baskets filled with Chocolate Mousse and Cream
·Profita Pavlova with Chocolate Mousse filling glazed with chocolate mint sauce.
·Tea and Coffee served with the Wedding Cake

Soup - All served with Sesame or Garlic Bread Stick:

For a small added cost:
·Potato and Bacon Soup
·Sweet Corn and Bacon Chowder
·Minted Chicken and Celery Soup
·Prawn Bisque
·Almond and Mushroom Soup

Entree -

·Sour Cream Leek Quiche (Hot or Cold)
·Sesame Cheese baked fish strips with Salad
·Pork Ball Kebab on Rice
·Pork Satays with Salad
·Canneloni with Creamy chicken
·Tuna Supreme with Shell Pasta
·Tomato Chicken Drumstick on Rice
·Chicken Cream Crepes
·Red Pepper Flan (Hot or Cold)
·Avocado Vinaigrette with Brown Bread (in season)

Savoury Supper Platters

To compliment your menu. To be served 8:30/9:00 pm.

·Cheese, biscuits, cold meats, fruit, savoury scones, pretzels, chips etc:

Seafood Menu

Menu includes Seafood entree and choice of 5 cold savouries
·Prawn Cocktail
·Scallops Poached in Tomato Cream Sauce
·Local Australian Fresh Water Lobster with Sesame Fish Fillets
·Vegetables or Salad
·Parfaits – Desserts, Tea/Coffee

Vegetarian Menu:

·Nutty Spinach and Mushroom Frittata
·Cheesy Chick Pea Enchiladas
·Leek and Cheddar Cheese Tart
·Vegetable Pastry Parcels

Light Wedding Reception or Party Menu

Includes: ·Total Cold Savoury Menu
·Choice of 5 different Hot Savouries
·Desserts - Parfait

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