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Sorry it's taken so long to get these pictures up here, basically I'm just lazy! I hope you enjoy them, some are rare and not often found on the net. There may be some repeated in other sections of my web page but not many. Sorry about all the spelling mistakes etc:, I rushed through this page so I could get it up and going!

Mr Murdoch watching the ice berg approach.
Rose as she approaches Jack who is waiting at the front of the ship.
A movie still of Rose and Jack after the iceberg has hit Titanic.
Close up of Rose looking up at Jack.
Rose and Cal eating breakfast
Cal picking up the table and smashing everything
Cal yelling at Rose
Cal and Jack's faces
Cal putting the necklace on Rose
Movie Still of Rose and Jack in the car,
Rose looking up at the Statue of Liberty
Giving her name "Rose Dawson" to the officer
Jack cautiously approaching Rose as she hangs off the back of Titanic
Close up of Jack
Jack telling Rose he loves her
Cora and her dad
Cora and Jack
The facial expression of Jack drawing Rose
Jack's eyes as her draws Rose
Jack smiling as he draws her
Jack eating a roll at dinner
Rose telling Ruth and Cal that half the people on the ship are going to die
Close up of Rose's face yelling at Ruth
Same as above but slightly different
Rose holding the top bar as Titanic tips
Picture of Rose on a horse later in life
Rose, Cal and Ruth singing the hymn
Jack spitting off the edge of the ship
Rose's face as she prepares to jump off the back of the ship
Movie Still of Rose about to jump
Rose looking down to the water.
Rose holding onto the bars as Jack approaches her
Movie Still of Rose running towards the back of the ship
Kate and James Cameron
Rose lying to Cal etc: about Rose saving her from falling off the ship
The upperclass mother teaching her daughter how to sit/eat properly at dinner
Jack taken to the prison by the Master at Arms
Close up of Rose's face
Rose toasting Jack at dinner, smiling
Rose and Cal at dinner
Rose looking off the deck
Small pic of Rose wearing the necklace.
Rose and Madeline talking
Ruth fixing Rose's dress
Rose spits off the side of Titanic
Jack when he first sees Rose
Close up of above
Fabrizio waving his hand infront of Jack's face
Jack smiling
Jack's face as he spins
Another of above but slightly different
Jack talking to Rose at the edge of the ship
Another of above but slightly different
Jack and Rose racing for the back of the ship
Rose dancing on her toes
4 slides of Jack and Rose at the end of the film
Rose whispering "To the stars" in Jack's ear in the car
Rose, Cal and Ruth walking on the deck with Mr Andrews
Jack's face as he waits in the water
Rose and Jack crashing into a black iron gate drowning in the water