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Buffet Menu Details

Buffet Menu: - $39.95 per head inclusive

·Honey Chicken Fillets
·Roast Chicken Portions
·Sherried Mushroom Chicken
·Beef Olives
·Asparagus Quiche
·Brandied Veal Stroganoff
·Mexican Crepes
·Tuna Cakes
·Platters Cold Meats and Chicken
·Potato and Vegetable Salad
·Baked Cauliflower Cheese
·Pumpkin and Broccoli Pasta Bake
·A Variety of 6 Salads
·Hot Spicey Potato Platter
·Mint Peas
·Rice and Cous Cous
·Assorted Breads and Cheeses
·Parfait - Desserts

Budget Buffet Menu: $29.50 per head includes:

·1 Meat, 1 Chicken and 1 Fish meal served from the above menu.
·Hot Potatoes, Rice, Mint Peas and 2 Salads.
·Breads, Parfaits, Tea/Coffee