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Jack and Rose walking along the deck
Jack and Rose talking about Jack's drawings
Close up of Jack and Rose
Jack and Rose dancing with the 'common people'
'Flying' on the front of the boat. Gorgeous picture!
Jack and Rose talking
Close up of Rose staring into Jacks eyes
Jack and Rose dancing in the dining room
Rose and Jack in the crowed trying to get off the boat
Rose sitting on Jack's Lap
Rose and Jack(in tux) walking down the steps to dinner
Arriving at dinner
Rose looking at Jack's drawing of her
Rose and Jack kissing at the front of the Titanic
Front on view of Jack holding Rose at the front of the boat
Rose leaving Jack as she gets onto a lifeboat
Side on view of Jack holding Rose while she is 'flying'
Jack and Rose waiting in the icy water for help
Kate and Leo on a break perhaps?
Rose and Jack's first kiss
Jack and Rose trying to escape the flooding dining room
Jack holding Rose, fighting the crowed to get off the Titanic
Rose about to kiss Jack after he has drawn her
Jack and Rose walking down the grand staircase
Jack helping Rose down the steps
Jack kissing Rose's hand at the dinner table (passing her the note)
Jack and Rose kissing in the car in the storage area of the Titanic
Jack helping Rose off the steps
Jack kissing Rose's hand as she stops on the steps
Rose and Jack swimming in the freezing ocean
Rose discovering Jack was dead
Rose and Jack trying to get up some steps in the sinking Titanic
Kate and Leo on the cover of Premier Magazine
Rose and Jack's view of the ocean when Rose is flying
Another angle when Rose and Jack are flying
Arial view of Rose lying on the board and Jack in the water
Jack and Rose lying together in the car
Kinda orangey/close up of Jack and Rose's faces kissing
Rose leaning on Jack's chest infront of a blue background
Kate and Leo sitting in the lift together
Jack and Rose walking along the deck after dinner
James Cameron giving directions to Kate and Leo
James Cameron, Kate and Leo receiving a Golden Globe.
Quite large pic of Jack and Rose staring into eachothers eyes.
A different perspective of the flying scene
And another
Kate and Leo being instructed by James Cameron
Another pic of Rose looking at Jack's pictures with him on deck
Everyone in the guestroom, Jack found with the stolen necklace
Jack walking Rose to dinner..close up
Another of Rose looking at Jack's drawings
Larger view of Rose discovering Jack is dead
Shaddow of Jack and Rose talking looking over the side of Titanic
Jack and Rose kissing at the front of the wreck of Titanic
Kate and Leo laughing with James Cameron
Kate and Leo hugging by the direction of James Cameron
Kate, James and Leo looking over the edge of the Titanic Set
James talking to Kate and Leo in the water
Jack and Rose dancing on E Deck
Jack and Rose in the water..a clip from the screensaver with text
Rose dancing on her toes with Jack clapping
The faces from the CD cover
Another of Jack and Rose
Jack and Rose dancing, arms linked

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