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Thompson Park Receptions

Totally Affordable Menu

Prices on Request
Valid to July 2002

Choice of two meals:
·Chicken Terrine with Sliced Ham served cold.
·Roast Chicken Pieces with a Rich Chicken Gravy.
·Pork or Veal Koftas on skewers bedded on cous cous.
Choice of two desserts:
·Apple Crunch Parfait.
·Spiced Peaches with Custard topped with creamy Mascarpone.
·Butterscotch Sponge with a smooth butterscotch sauce topped with custard and cream.
·Selection of melon in Wine Jelly topped with cream.

Tea and Coffee and accompanying confection.

To accompany this menu for a small extra cost :

Choice of one:
·Pumpkin Soup with cream and croutons.
·Nuts Pretzels and Chips plus dip and biscuits.
·Bread Buns or Bread Stick. (slightly cheaper)